Our most recent trip as some of you might have heard was to Peru, with the capital Lima, the Andes Mountains, Cuscu, Machu Piccho and lake Titikaka. We all had a really great time and enjoyed traveling with our neighbours Bjarne, Lone, Sofie (7) and Johan (4). 

We left Montes Claros on July 7th and landed after one (obligatory) night in Sao Paulo (the place you need to go through when you come from Montes Claros, no matter where else you want to go)... - in Peru's capital, Lima where we spent one night. The next day we flew to Cuscu, the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, and the Sacred Valley, where we visited the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Going there was an exceptional experience - even though we are still dreaming of seeing it again after walking the Inca trail for four days first (that will unfortunately have to wait some years - as the boys are still to small for this kind of adventure)... Sun Temple, some old villages and craft markets - all the time enjoying the Andes Mountains and other beautiful scenery. 

After all that history and climbing up and down stairs, which the boys did very well, it was time for a day on the train from Cuscu to Puno. 10 hrs on a train that looked like it came out of an Agatha Christie movie - driving through the Altiplano (the Peru highland), flocks of lamas and snowy mountain tops. The meal onboard was also top class with morning coffee lunch and afternoon tea included in the price - this was really great. Arriving in Puno we had two nights and one full day to explore Lake Titikaka (the worlds highest navigated lake - shared between Peru and Bolivia) and the floating islands with their inhabitants, the Urus Indians. After all these impressions we went back to Lima and to the beach for a few days - to relax before heading back home to warm Montes Claros after 16 days full of world class travel.










Pictures numbered from left to right - moving downwards...

  1. Lone, Johan, Bjarne, Patrick, Ghita, Sofie, Daniel and Richard at a hotel in Lima, the capital of Peru.
  2. Travelling with kids... (Lone and the kids in Lima airport on our way to Cuscu, the capital of the ancient Inka empire).
  3. Patrick, Johan and Daniel in Cusco airport with the tourist welcome committee.
  4. Casa Andina Private collection - our hotel in the Sacred Valley, with the Andes mountains in the background.
  5. Daniel and Patrick on the hotel grounds.
  6. Bjarne, Lone, Ghita and Richard enjoying a quiet sundowner with a spectacular view.
  7. Ollantaytambo station with the artisans selling to all us tourists.
  8. Aguas Calientes, the end of the line and where we started the assent to the Sacred Citadel of Incas "Machu Picchu".
  9. Happy family at the top with amazing views of the mountains and Machu Picchu.
  10. Ghita and Patrick standing in one of the walkways on Machu Picchu.
  11. View from one of many points on Machu Picchu.
  12. View of some of the buildings on Machu Picchu.
  13. View from the Sun stone clock platform down to the Vilcanota river and the Sacred Valley (picture taken by Richard)...
  14. Ghita and Daniel up at the Herders cottage on Machu Picchu (cottage now used as lama shelter).

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