Ghita can and does other things than just work and she managed to locate a few pictures in the archives that I can publish for her. 

The first picture is from February where we visited Diamantina, here the local market

Dinner at Dora's fazenda - nice time with Kate and the boys

Canoeing in the nature - this time I had found someone to do the hard work (it isn't Rich)! 


Easter lunch in the condo - with the Danes that hadn't left for the weekend...

Preparation of the world famous "liver paté" - Daniel (and his mother) just love it!

Sailing upstream - Foz do Iguazu

Ghita with her firstborn - Foz do Iguazu 

Mother guarding her two boys - Foz again...

We try to be not affected by the "Caimans" (alligators) behind - while posing for the photographer :-)

Stretching with Daniel after a run. 

Train to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Ghita in the Novo tennis open not a first position but a good weekend of tennis. 

Ghita presenting her new Lab

Ghita hanging out on Machu Picchu...  


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