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Via this homepage we will try to keep you up-to-date with what we are doing and where we have been traveling to in Brazil. We hope you will enjoy the pictures - and tell us if there is something special you would like to see - that is missing here. If you want to write to us you can write to: or

Our postal address is:     Rua Porto Seguro, 1100

                                Ibituruna 39400-000

                                Montes Claros MG, BRAZIL

                                Phone: +55 38 3215 6816

                                                            Skype:  ghita_skype

Have fun,

Patrick, Daniel, Ghita and Richard

(Just click on the picture of the place you want to go.)

Patrick                                                                           Richard                          Places we have been


The house                                                                               Our little village of about 350 000 people


Daniel                                                                                                              Ghita

Here are also a few words about the people who have graced us with there presence here in MOC.