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While we have been here in Montes Claros we have had a few guests stop by for a cup of afternoon tea, and then there are those who stayed a bit longer now that they where in the neighborhood. It started with my brother and Nicola who just happened to be in Rio de Janeiro for a wedding in August 2004. They where here for 5 days, we just stayed local and visited the surrounding hills and the village.

In February 05 we had Dorthe Dominique and there three kids here for 5 days. We decided to take them down to Diamantine and visit one of the old cities in our province where they collected slaves and gold from the region before sending them down to the coast for shipping to Europe. The city is built in a valley on the banks of the surrounding hills so it feels sometimes as though you are driving up a 60 deg hill and because it is an old city the streets are not very wide only room for one car if you fold the side mirrors in.


In April 05 Richards mother came over for two weeks. We went to Dora's Fazenda for the one weekend  we had together and into the Rio Preto national park where we relaxed and mother played a few hundred games of  ludo with Daniel ( not being able to beat him once).

Hanne has been to visit us this year(06) in June where we went to Diamantina to experience the Vesperata.  Vesperata is an event where the main square in the village is blocked and all the guests sit their, while a band sits in all the balconies around the square and play different numbers. 


enjoying coffee in a little cafe

At the vesperata the same evening




We are still waiting for more guests, maybe one or two will show up some time ???


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